Amazon Rainforest

Things to See in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

Travel to Ecuador in South America for a chance to appreciate the exciting nature of the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon rainforest in Ecuador is home to a variety of unique species of animals and plants. There are several species of beautiful plants and trees to see for those who love nature. Plan a visit to the rainforest for a chance to truly appreciate what nature offers. You can make reservations at our Amazon rainforest ecolodge which runs a great initiative to preserve the natural environment within the rainforest. There are different exciting attractions in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, which have been the center of attention for visitors. Plan your trip today for a chance to enjoy the following;

See the Lifestyle of Indigenous Tribes around the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

The Huaorani tribe is one of the indigenous tribes in Ecuador. The tribe has preserved their ancient traditions, and they are a center of attraction for people visiting the Amazon rainforest. Come experience their customs and traditional way of life in order to appreciate the diversity of human nature.  You can arrange for a trip with our Amazon rainforest ecolodge, Yacuma Ecolodge for a wonderful experience you can’t miss out on.

See Different Species of Plants and Trees in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador

The Ceibo trees are one of the most striking features of the rainforest for nature lovers. They are large trees with bulbous trunks and heavy limbs that extend to all directions. They offer a great view to the hundreds of travellers visiting Ecuador. They have leaves only during the rainy season or if they are located next to a swampy area. There are so many different species of unique plants within the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador!

Amazing Views within Napo River

Napo River is a tributary to the Amazon River, and you can enjoy the amazing views of the river within the rainforest. A trek along the river offers you a chance to see the different creatures that live in the river. There are also different plants growing on the river, giving you a chance to see more fauna and flora within the rainforest. You can also get a chance to meet people from the indigenous tribes of Ecuador.

Yasuni National Park

Designated UNESCO biosphere reserve, the national park was the ancestral territory of the indigenous communities in Ecuador. The national park is currently home to amphibians, birds, and mammals of diverse species. This is one of the richest parks in the world with different species of birds and mammals that are not very common in other places in the world. Every year, thousands of visitors come to the national park at different times of the year to see the amazing diverse creatures of the world. Don’t miss a chance to witness the uniqueness of the park next time you are visiting Ecuador.

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