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Souvenirs Tips in the Amazon Rainforest

A trip to the Amazon Rainforest is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will undoubtedly like to remember forever. The experience will leave you with great stories to tell and wonderful memories. A handmade souvenir from a local artisan is a great tool to spark those memories. Read on to learn tips on buying souvenirs in the Amazon Rainforest.

Buy from the Artisan

Traveling to the Amazon gives you the opportunity to meet the awesome native people who live there. Many of the local artisans have only one source of income: selling local crafts. It is important that travelers contribute to the community by getting souvenirs directly from these indigenous people rather than buying from large shops. This will support them economically so they can continue to take care of the Amazonian lands that have welcomed you warmly.

Be Prepared

If your plan is to shop, only take what you are willing to spend. It’s better to be prepared, so make sure to have cash in small denominations so as to not ask for change from the vendor. The vendor may not have change.

Buy the Right Kind of Souvenir

As a responsible tourist, it is expected that you be aware of the conservation efforts towards the land and its people. Buying the right kind of souvenir will ensure that you are supporting these isolated communities and provides you with a unique, high-quality souvenir from your trip.

Be aware of the illegal trade of killing and selling endangered species. Don’t buy animals, dead or alive, or souvenirs made with animal teeth, fur, or other body parts. The protection of Amazonian species is extremely important. If you would like to contribute to the protection efforts, This Vol­un­teer Pro­gram will enable you to make a significant difference in someone’s life by offering your valuable time and effort. The Yacuma Ecolodge Rain­for­est Vol­un­teer Pro­gram is based on the idea that the essence of volunteering is to give and receive. Volunteering experiences result in everlasting memories.

Don’t Haggle

As it is known, haggling is common in most Latin American countries. However, in the Amazon, prices tend to be low enough for all visitors. Think twice before you haggle. After all, artisans earn a very low income and many of them live with difficult financial problems. Keep this in mind and support the local artisans.

Start planning your trip by applying these tips. Reserve a bungalow at Yacuma EcoLodge, where we offer a variety of tours and activities. One of them gives you the opportunity to observe and pick up locally produced handicrafts such as vases, small pots, necklaces, bracelets and more. Reserve one of our tours here.