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Visiting the Amazon as a Family

A trip to the Amazon can be an amazing family adventure. It can appear to be challenging at first, but with adequate preparation it will surely be a great experience. Read on for tips on visiting the jungle as a family.

What to bring

For this climate, pack lightweight, loose fitting and comfortable clothing. Average midday temperatures range from 27°C to 32°C (80-90° fahrenheit). It is important that you protect your family from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, so we recommend you to carry sunglasses, sunblock, and hats. Make sure you bring bathing suits, long pants (not jeans), shorts, T-shirts, and comfortable walking shoes and sandals. Bring plenty of bug spray as well!

Bring a camera and binoculars so that your kids can look at animals more closely from a safe distance. Remember that the important thing is to have fun and be comfortable on your trip.

Get your children involved before the trip

Let your kids know you are planning a trip to the Amazon with enough time so that they can research themselves. Kids learn about the environment and jungles at school. Telling them ahead of time may prepare them to ask questions during these lectures. You can also encourage them to read books and watch movies based in the Amazon rainforest.

As an added measure, consider booking a tour guide that has had experience with kids. There can be hidden activities or places that are better suited for a younger crowd.

Slow Down the Pace

The tropical rainforest can be a demanding environment for any traveler, let alone kids. So take it easy as you explore. Plan an itinerary that will give the kids plenty of time to rest, take pictures, and walk at their own pace.

Schedule the most demanding activity for the morning when temperatures are the coolest and wildlife is active. Squeeze another in the afternoon before returning to the lodge to relax before dinner.  Choose the Yacuma EcoLodge program that suits your needs here.

Travel by Boat

Walking and hiking through the forest can be very draining, especially for kids. Animals are usually hidden at the top of the canopy as well, making them difficult to spot from the bottom. Transporting by boat and by kayak is a great alternative and it provides a clear line of sight for spotting wildlife.

At Yacuma EcoLodge we offer guided private and group tours. Depending on the time of the year and the volume of water running through the rivers, a boat ride may be the most enjoyable. Finish off the day by resting in one of our bungalows which are equipped with solar panels that power the air conditioning, water heating, and bathrooms.

Kids are most welcome at Yacuma EcoLodge. Our lodge is every child’s fantasy: a place to hike, swim, fish, row and play among the forest. We have had guests as young as ten months and groups of up to 15 at a time! Don’t leave your kids at home, bring them to the Amazon!