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Anaconda: The Giant Amazonian Snake

Anaconda: The Giant Amazonian Snake

One of the most notorious and feared of species of the Amazon rainforest is the Anaconda. Appearing in movies, books and movies, this “monstrous” animal has made the world shake in fear when seen. But are these descriptions actually myths? Read below to find out the truth.
Are they poisonous?

No, none of the four species of Anaconda are poisonous. Instead, they strangle their prey so they can eat it. However, they are very stealthy. When an Anaconda sees its prey reaching the water’s edge it will swim quickly and silently towards the prey and attack the victim by surprise.

What does Anacondas eat?

The green anaconda has a diet based on fish, birds and small mammals that live close to the water’s edge. Occasionally they eat other reptiles and in rare occasions they can eat other Anacondas. Also, they are able to eat larger animals such as capybaras, tapirs and even Caymans.The yellow Anaconda consumes almost the same food than the green one, but also has a taste for bird eggs and fish carrion. The Anaconda is almost at the top of the Amazonian food chain, as it has only two predators, Caymans and Jaguars.


Anacondas are a group of large snakes of the genus Eunectes. There are four species that are currently recognized by the name of Eunectes, which literally means “good swimmer.” The Green Anaconda is the most popular of its kind and the largest of its family measuring up to 5 meters in length. On the other hand, the Yellow Anaconda, measures to be 3-4 meters in length.

Anaconda’s relationship with humans

Despite its bad reputation as a man-eater because of the media, the truth is that it is very unlikely that you will be eaten by an anaconda. Although there have been claims and fake photos of Anacondas eating humans, most of these are not real.

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