Amazon Rain Forest Food Guide

The biodiversity in the Amazon rain forest allows us to have a rich variety of fresh and exotic ingredients, which give taste to many of the most popular dishes of the region. The unique flavors of the Amazon are represented by the dishes we locally make here at Yacuma EcoLodge. Below, we describe some of the typical ingredients and dishes of the Amazon rain forest.


One of the essential ingredients of the Amazonian diet is the Plantain, which is an unripe fruit similar to bananas, but not sweet. It’s a pretty versatile ingredient. Yellow plantains ripe easily and when fried they are mushy and sweet. On the other hand, green plantains do not become ripe so when fried, they have a crispier consistency. A delicious Amazonian dish is the green plantain soup.


Another major ingredient of the Amazonian diet is Manioc, also known as cassava or yucca. This starchy potato is the main source of carbohydrate for Amazonian people. It is a core component of many popular dishes. It can be served by steamed, boiled or fried . Yucca can be served in stews or thinly sliced as a great alternative to chips.

The main source of protein in the Amazon diet is composed of freshwater fish, which isn’t surprising due to the large size of the Amazon River and its tributaries. Learn more about the Amazon River here.There is a great variety of fish but the most commonly consumed fishes is the Paiche, one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world. It has a meaty texture and because of its large size it can easily feed a family for an entire week.

Other common fish served here is the pirarucu, the tambaqui, the jaraqui and the surubim. However, you can also even fish your own Piranha. Fishes are usually grilled, fried, steamed and served with different sauces and stews.

A very common dish of the region including both of these key ingredients is the Mapia de Tilapia, which is plantain, yucca and meat wrapped in bijao or palm leaves.


Although fish is the most popular protein served here in the Amazon, there are other forms of meat that are served as well. The maniçoba for example, is a dish made from the leaves of the yucca plant with bacon, sausages and pork. One of th most famous dish in the Amazon is the distinctive non-tucupi duck (duck served in exotic tasting tucupi sauce), a traditional local favorite. The duck is toasted, crushed and cooked with garlic, chicory, basil and tucupi, and then served on rice with hot pepper and a pinch of fermented cassava flour.

Yacuma EcoLodge Food

At Yacuma Ecolodge you can find some of these traditional dishes. In fact, you’ll be able to learn about and observe the var­i­ous crops that grow within the jun­gle. Veg­e­tar­ian? Not a problem. Spe­cial diets are served upon request and we han­dle these requests with great care and pleasure. The Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle offers a wide range of exotic culinary experiences. From exotic fruits to roots in this region you will find food that challenged your traditional palate. Stay at Yacuma EcoLodge to enjoy delicious dishes, astonishing Amazon scenery and high quality accommodation. Start planning your trip to The Amazon Rainforest today!