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Staying At An Ecolodge In Ecuador: The Ultimate Vacation

Ecuador is an incredibly diverse place to vacation, but if you truly want to be one with nature, staying at an ecolodge should definitely be on your list. Rather than going to one of the touristy hotels that are often overbooked and over priced, stay at a fun ecolodge that puts you at the center of the enjoyment!

Our Ecolodge was built in 1995 through a join initiative with the Kichwa Indigenous Community of Ecuahotel and Chontayacu.

What Is An Ecolodge?

An ecolodge is more than just a place to stay during your vacation. The accommodations themselves will surely make your trip enjoyable and memorable, but the real mesmerizing part of staying at an ecolodge is that they work to preserve the natural environment that they are situated in. Ecolodges also work to improve the economy of the native community that hosts the ecolodge, and practice sustaining the local culture and heritage while raising awareness about local issues.

Staying at an ecolodge really gives you an immersive and well-rounded experience. For example, Yacuma works tirelessly to support the local community through our work, while respecting the values of locals and providing hospitality to all travellers. An ecolodge is not only a way to directly connect with local culture and nature during your vacation, it’s also a way to sustainably support it so future generations can share the same enjoyment.

The Experience

When you go to Ecuador, an ecolodge vacation means you’re going to be at the center of nature. While you can easily reach any shopping and hubs you’d like to see, if nature/culture/community is one of the driving interests behind your trip, an ecolodge is the ideal option for a real “local” experience.

Ecolodges like ours have many different activities each day so you can endlessly enjoy your surroundings while exploring them with our native and experienced tour guides. They will take you down the river as you explore the jungle, or you can participate in their Yaku Spirit adventure and experience some of the local customs and traditions first hand as you participate in the day-to-day traditions, taste our local foods, and take part in unforgettable activities.

The Cost

The one comparable part of staying at an ecolodge versus a local hotel is the price. You won’t pay that much more to stay at an ecolodge compared to a traditional hotel, but your experience will definitely be incredible.

Staying at any ecolodge is an experience on its own. But why not stay at Yacuma, the best Ecolodge in Napo. If you want to learn more about our room rates and prices click here.