Amazon Rainforest

4 Fun-Facts about the Amazon River

The Amazon River is home to many exotic species and one of the most popular South American spots among tourists. However, it keeps some secrets. Read on to find out awesome facts about the Amazon River.

It Used to flow in the opposite direction

Millions of years ago, the Amazon River flowed into the Pacific Ocean. However, the formation of the mighty Andes mountain range caused it to become landlocked. Over time, freshwater lakes formed and the river found its way back into the ocean. Today, it is poured into the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s the longest & widest river in the world

The Amazon River is the longest river in the world. Although it was thought that the Nile river was longest one, recent investigations have confirmed the Amazon is officially the longest.  Experts believe the river pours about 12,500,000 cubic meters of water every minute. During the wet season, parts of the Amazon exceed 120 miles (190 km) in width. Meaning that it could take more than 10 hours just to cross it.

There aren’t bridges that cross the Amazon River

The only way to cross the Amazon River is by boat, because there are no bridges to cross the entire river. The first and only bridge was built in 2010 on one of the tributaries of the Amazon, the Negro River, in the popular  Manaus.

It is home to unthinkable species

You can find countless endemic and exotic creatures in the amazon river. Among the many beautiful Animals to spot is the Pink River Dolphin. This is the largest dolphin in the world and is the only one who turns pink when blushing. It appears light grey in color, yet when it gets excited it blushes a soft pink.

Another specie that inhabits the Amazon River is the Bull Shark. Believe it or not, this shark can live in freshwater. It is one of the most adaptable of its kind and has the ability to acclimatize to various degrees of water salinity. The majority of the newborn or very young bull sharks are found in the freshwater area.

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