Amazon Rainforest

Tips for Visiting the  Ecuadorian Amazon

Traveling to the Amazon Rain forest is very exciting as it has so much to offer! In this natural paradise, you can experience unique and unforgettable adventures. However, to enjoy the trip as much as possible, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Below we give you some useful tips that will surely help you have a great time during your trip to the Amazon Jungle.

Best time to visit the Amazon

The Amazon is humid and warm all year round, so you can visit it at any time. However, keep in mind that its dry season takes place from December to March and the rainy weather takes place from August to November. The annual temperature ranges over 25 Celsius degrees.

What to pack?

Since traveling to the Amazon will mean long walks through the jungle, it is very important to wear comfortable clothing and preferably carry on a backpack. Your shoes should also  be comfortable and closed. Keep in mind that there’s a luggage allowance of 50 pounds to travel to Ecuador. So, a small backpack (better if its waterproof) will be enough.

Some  essential things to bring to the Amazon are:
-Cot­ton shirts,
-Long trousers (no jeans),
-Cot­ton socks,
-Note­book and book
-High-speed film (ASA 100 o +)
-Flash­light (torch)
-Bathing suit
-Cot­ton underwear
-Cap or hat

The official language in the Amazon

The main language in Ecuador is Spanish, that’s why we recommend you to learn some basic vocabulary in Spanish, however,  there are some other languages commonly spoken. For example, the second most commonly spoken languages in Ecuador are Kichwa and Shuar, which are used for intercultural relations.


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