Why You Should Consider The Amazon Rainforest For Your Honeymoon Destination

Just tied the knot and looking for a honeymoon destination? You might want to consider the Amazon Rain forest. This vast jungle is an exotic and unique destination for honeymooners. Not many experiences can match the adventure and romance of the Amazon Jungle. Read on to find out why is the Amazon the best place to enjoy a vacation with that very special someone.

Stunning Landscapes

The Amazon landscapes are really romantic and varied.From the breathtaking Amazon sunrise to the romantic sunset, its sights are just truly one-of-a-kind. Made up of many unique ecosystems the Amazon offers various vegetation types, and unique species, that will show of the jungle’s beauty. That’s why it has been named as one of the world’s seven wonders of nature. If it’s a scenic honeymoon destination you are after, we definitely recommend putting the Amazon at the top of your list.

Full of Adventure

The amazon Jungle is the synonym of adventure! From canoeing tours to hiking trails, there are a thousands of Amazon jungle excursions and activities. This way, you’ll be able to get an up close look to the special and out of ordinary wildlife in this ecosystem while enjoying jaw dropping views.

Discover a New Culture Together

The Amazon culture, particularly traditional Amazon tribes, is extraordinary. While you are on your honeymoon in the Amazon, you’ll get to learn a new culture together, which will definitely make your bond as a couple much stronger. You may inspired to bring some of the Amazonian culture back home with you. Our tours will help you to meet and involved with indigenous tribes and their culture. During your trip you’ll be able to observe and buy the locally produced souvenirs. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to taste traditional food, and interact with Huao­rani com­mu­nity.

Face your Fears Together

In the Amazon you’ll experience adrenaline in almost every step you take. Actually, if you think about it, an Amazon adventure honeymoon can help you get over all of your newlywed fears! You’ll learn how to conquer the fear of heights, the dark and fear of all the jungle’s species, like spiders or snakes. However, it’s very common to see these species close to the lodges. There’s nothing better than exploring new places with the person you love so we definitely recommend considering the rain forest as a destination for your special post-wedding vacation.

Yacuma Ecolodge offers guided private and group tours through the jungle. Also, there are many activities available, including bird watching, piranha fishing, kayak­ing,  tub­ing in the river, interact and observe the various crops that grow within the jungle, night bonfire, and night walks. We offer comfortable and sustainable accommodation in tra­di­tional style bun­ga­lows. Start planning an adventurous jungle honeymoon with the help of our lovely staff!