All you need to know about Amazon’s Macaws

Macaws are known for its variety of bright colored feathers with highlights of green, yellow, blue and red and with a white beak and black spots. the macaws are exotic birds with some facts that you did not know. Keep reading to find out more about this amazing animal.


Macaws are colorful birds native to Mexico, Central America and South America. However, their prefer humid habitats like the Amazon rain forest. Types of macaws that are common to the Amazon include the blue and yellow macaws, the scarlet macaw and the red and green macaws, along with many others.

They’re one of the few birds that stay with their families.

Among all birds, the beautiful and colorful macaws have one of the longest periods of life with the parents. The young leave their home around four years old, when they have reached sexual maturity. This pattern of behavior shows that the offspring depend on their parents for quite some time. Also, common things for these species is to pair for life. They stay together even out of the mating season.

Long life

It is quite common that the Macaws in captivity can reach up to 75 years, however, in the wildlife the average life is between 40 and 50 years. This amazing longevity has also contributed to its popularity as a pet, but unfortunately this has caused the increase of marketing or illegal sale.

Males are exemplary parents.

In some macaws’ species, such as the scarlet macaw, the male feeds its chicks by regurgitating food for them. Also, the males defend the nests with energy and care for the females during the incubation of the eggs, providing them food and protection to his beloved couple.

They love to go in a group.

It is probable that you have almost always seen them alone, in pairs or perhaps in small groups, but the truth is that  most of the macaws live in large groups of 25 to 30 individuals, these groups can reach over 50 members. That’s a very effective strategy to take care of themselves among the predators. Who would want to mess with a noisy and aggressive group of 50 macaws? The answer is quite obvious.

Nearly half of macaws are already extinct.

The macaws belong to the Ara genus, which has about thirteen species. Six of these thirteen species are already extinct! As sad as it is, specialists agree that if the rate of destruction of their habitats and their illegal trafficking as pets maintains, the entire genus will have disappeared from the wild in the next ten years.

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