Amazon Rainforest

What to Expect When You Travel to the Amazon Rain Forest

The exotic Amazon jungle is the world’s largest tropical rain forest that has an amazing bio-diversity. There are several things that intimidate those who travel to a jungle. The wildlife found in the jungle is one of the things that most concerns most visitors. That’s why we have prepared this article for your peace of mind to help you understand what to expect when visiting the Amazon rain forest.

It is really humid

The Amazon has a tropical climate that varies slightly throughout the year, experiencing only two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. However, the warm, humid climate is almost permanent. So even if it’s raining dogs and cats, it’s still very warm! We recommend that you stay well hydrated and wear comfortable, light clothing. Learn more tips for visiting the Amazon here.

Even though the Amazon is hot and humid, it can also get surprisingly cold! From June to November there is an atmospheric phenomenon that causes temperatures to drop. Cool winds from the Andean mountain range chill the atmosphere in the jungle, causing temperatures to suddenly reach 10 degrees Celsius. If you plan to travel during these months don’t forget to pack at least a sweater!

You may not see much exotic wildlife

In the Amazon, it is not always easy to observe wildlife. Because of the thick vegetation and the climate, you may not have a close encounter with iconic Amazon animals. But don’t be discouraged, you will always be able spot birds such as macaws, see caimans, hear the howling of monkeys, and have a close encounter with insects. So come prepared with repellent and long-sleeved shirts and long pants, this way you will avoid being bitten by these annoying mosquitoes.

Get there is not as difficult as it appears

There are three ways to get to the Amazon rainforest and they are pub­lic, private transportation or by plane. The last option depends on which part of the Amazon you’re heading to. At the Ecuadorian Amazon, you can easily access with public or private transportation from Quito. The length of the journey to the Amazon depends on the site and the type of transport you choose.

Many believe that traveling to the Amazon means forgetting about the comfort and it doesn’t have to be this way! Today there are many options to enjoy the best of this rainforest. Among them are the famous Lodges. Yacuma EcoLodge, for example, is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, in a reserve that will make you feel in the middle of the jungle, but with the comforts you need. We provide accommodation in comfortable bungalows with private bathrooms, hot water, electricity provided by solar panels and a restaurant that serves delicious dishes for all tastes. You can even have a private guided tour! Start planning your trip to the Amazon with the help of our lovely staff here.