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Top 5 Most Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies are with no doubt one of the most beautiful insects in nature. Around the world there are more than 165 thousand types of butterflies. Each species has its own unique way of fascinating us just by seeing them flutter through the gardens when Spring begins with their captivating patterns and wing designs. They are mostly admired for their beauty and power of transformation. Meet the most fascinating species of butterflies on Earth, which stand out for their beauty, delicacy and elegance.

The Glasswing Butterfly

Even though the glasswing butterflies wings’ appear delicate, they are able to carry up to 40 times its own weight, even more than an ant can. The tissues between the veins of their wings look like glass. The edge of their wings are dark brown, sometimes tinged with reds or oranges and their bodies are dark color. They are in the range that extends throughout Central America to Mexico. In addition to its unique wing physiology, this butterfly is known for their unique behaviors including long migrations and lekking among males.

Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho are neotropical butterflies found mainly in South America, The Amazon Rainforest, as well as in Mexico and Central America. Their size varies between 7.5 cm and 20 cm. The name Morpho, means changed or modified. Although this butterfly species are characterized by their blue color, they aren’t really blue! This is due to the iridescence, meaning the reflection of light in microscopic sizes on the tiny scales of the wings. So, they just reflect the light in an intense blue.

The Malabar Banded Peacock

One of the most dazzling butterflies’ in the world is the Malabar Banded Peacock. It’s rated as the third most beautiful butterfly in India. Butterfly collectors love this kind of butterfly for many reasons. This Swallowtail butterfly is endemic to the Western Ghats. The scientific name of this butterfly is Papilio Buddha Westwood which denotes the three names: the genus, species and the author.

The White Wood Butterfly

The white wood butterflies are delicate-looking. This butterfly is a small and white, and is mainly found in England, Ireland, and Northern Europe. Their wings are white with gray or yellow markings near the center or top of the wings. It flies slowly and low over its shrubbery habitat. The males fly throughout the day in fine weather, so they can find a good mate. On the other hand, females spend the day feeding on flowers and resting.

The Southern Birdwing 

The largest butterfly in India with a wingspan of 140–190 mm is the Southern Birdwing. Although they vary depending on the gender, they are usually black around the wings and with a beautiful and vibrant yellow color at the center of the wings. The abdomen is dull yellow on the top and bottom, and is not shaded with black. The Southern Birdwing is more commonly found in the Western Ghats, which is a biodiversity hotspot with a high degree of endemism.

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