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Top 5 Amazon Rainforest Superfoods

The Amazon Rainforest has nutrient-rich superfoods, that have been healing the Amazon indigenous population for centuries. Even though many superfoods are already part of the diet of Americans and European, there are some that aren’t very popular. Would you like to improve your health by adding to your daily diet, nutrient-rich Amazon food? Read on to learn more about some of the Amazon’s jungle superfoods.

Camu Camu Fruit

Camu Camu is a berry that contains many nutrients including vitamin C, beta-carotene, fatty acids, protein, and others. This fruit is about the same size as a lemon, and is light orange in colour. Due to its components, Camu Camu has anti-viral properties that can help with cold sores, herpes, shingles, the common cold, prevents muscle breakdown and it is important for the nervous system’s cognitive function. Also, it is a natural energy booster. This fruit can be drank in freshly squeezed juice, or cocktails, and you can consume it in powder or tablet form as well.


Cupuacu fruit is very similar to cocoa, so it is not a surprise if the pulp of cupuacu fruit tastes like chocolate, but with a hint of pineapple as well. This fruit is packed with vitamins, especially vitamin B complex as well as vitamin A,  vitamin C, and antioxidants.

The antioxidants properties found in Cupuacu fruits are enough to fight free radicals and effective to inhibit the development of cancerous cells. Also, this fruit is effective to manage cholesterol level, to prevent some cardio-related diseases, such as heart diseases, coronary heart, hypertension and even stroke.

Cupuacu fruit has been used as a painkiller because its strong anti-inflammatory properties. The natives of the Amazon use cupuacu for pain relief, especially during childbirth. You can apply it directly to your skin, or consume it.


Aguaje is known as a miracle fruit, it is packed with protein, vitamins and oils. It has vitamin C and is often used to make jam, juice, and can also be fermented for wine and ice cream. Some people use to treat burns as well. When applied directly to a burn, vitamin A, vitamin E, and oil content soothes the wound. The rich beta-carotene component is known to protect from sun damage and is used as a natural sunblock. Aguaje has been used to treat various skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

It’s called the miracle fruit, due to its phytoestrogens, plant based estrogens. People often refer to it as the “Curvy Fruit” because it naturally increases female curves. It balances hormones levels, and can prevent and decrease hot flashes during menopause and even restore fertility.

Aguaje oil is used by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon to protect the skin from sun damage. Also, it has a natural anti-inflammatory reaction that can tame redness and calm skin conditions.

Acai Berries

Acai berries are tiny purple berries, similar to grapes that grow on palm trees. These fruits have been considered a superfood for a few years because of their antioxidant, high fiber, and healthy fat properties. Acai may help to lose and maintain a healthy weight and can also aid in keeping the digestive system clean and functioning. Berries are one of the best sources of antioxidants, which slow or reverse aging processes. These berries help support healthy hair, skin and nails.

There are a large variety of acai products available in the market. You can incorporate acai into your daily diet by adding it to your salad or smoothie. It is said that acai berries are a mixture of red wine and chocolate. So, along with the health improvements, they have a great taste when eaten fresh.

Sacha Inchi Seeds

Sacha Inchi seeds, also called Inca peanut, contain all of the essential amino acids the body needs, so they are indeed a superfood. Some say that the seeds help burn excess abdominal fat. They’re  also used to fight depression, high cholesterol and prevent heart disease. It can be consumed as a snack, in tablet form or as an oil, and they can be tossed on top of salads. It has a similar flavor to olive oil, but it contains more protein and omega 3.

Omega 3 helps control glucose levels, and can lower triglyceride levels, which are often high in diabetics.

Would you like to try these superfoods? The Amazon Rainforest has many of them. Learn more about Amazon’s medicinal plants here. Visit the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest staying at Yacuma EcoLodge, we offer comfortable accommodation, wonderful tours, and delicious meals that meet your specifications. Start planning your trip today! Take the opportunity to enjoy the best of the Amazon in a once in a lifetime adventure.

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