Birds & ani­mals you may see

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Over 300 species of birds have been recorded at the 300 acres of YACUMA PRI­MARY RAINFOREST.

Yacuma Ecolodge is a clas­sic vis­it­ing loca­tion for some­one trav­el­ling to Ecuador, seek­ing for the over­whelm­ing bird diver­sity. Hoatzin, oropén­dolas, Agami, tucan, and ZigZag herons are found near the Yacuma lagoon and creeks, includ­ing all 5 king­fish­ers. Psittaci­dae include Scar­let Macaw, Dusky-​billed and Scarlet-​shouldered Par­rotlets and Orange-​cheeked Par­rot, Cobalt-​winged and White-​eyed Para­keets. Hum­mers include Blue-​chinned and Rufous-​throated Sap­phires. White-​throated, Golden-​green, Ringed and Rufous-​headed Wood­peck­ers are also seen. The large rap­tors like Harpy and Crested Eagles find

healthy ani­mals for food around the area. The Yacuma Rain­for­est reserve, El Saladero and the Bird’s Island pro­vide unequalled oppor­tu­ni­ties for bird­ing in our Ecolodge Yacuma.

Look at the List of Birds that you may see fol­low­ing the tax­o­nomic order in “BIRDS OF ECUADOR” by: Robert S. Ridgely and Paul J. Greenfield.