Your life­time chances to enjoy the Gala­pa­gos Islands, expe­ri­ence some of the Darwin’s species evo­lu­tion the­ory together with the Rain­for­est which is the home of half of the liv­ing crea­tures of the world. Start here..

You will visit the islands, par­tic­u­larly sched­uled for you, and you will observe their unique, mil­lenar­ian and fab­u­lous fauna, flora and mag­nif­i­cent land­scape. Fur­ther, you may also enjoy of swim­ming and snor­kel­ing activ­i­ties with our Gala­pa­gos Div­ing Tours and Galá­pa­gos Soft Adven­ture Tours. Usu­ally, we encour­age vis­i­tors to share the life of the local friendly Gala­pa­gos residents.

Our first class Gala­pa­gos Cruises offer dif­fer­ent sched­uled trips on board of our own com­fort­able, beau­ti­ful and first class Yacht Cata­ma­ran Anahi. You may also choose a Galá­pa­gos Island Hop­ping Tours on board of our high-​speed yacht Flip­per. Both ves­sels allow us to anchor pretty close to San Cristo­bal, Flo­re­ana, Isabela or Santa Cruz islands, amongst oth­ers, thus leav­ing more time for our planned tours. We also offer charm­ing hotel accom­mo­da­tions at the inhab­ited Islands.

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We work together with UNI­GALA­PA­GOS which is based at Puerto Ayora in the Santa Cruz Island, devel­op­ing high stan­darized first class tour­ing. Be con­fi­dent with the expe­ri­ence, knowl­edge and pro­fes­sion­al­ism of the well-​trained team of nat­u­ral­ist guides and boat crews.