What time of the year is best to travel to the Amazon?

Ecuador is named after the Equadorial line that crosses right through or cuntry, meaning our seasonal changes are not too dramatic. This means that a voyage here can be organized any time of the year. Seasonality in Yacuma alters the amount of rainfall, with the heaviest rain ocurring between April and July, with an extreme of 170 inches of rainfall. The dry season occurs between December and March, and the rest of the year, acting as bufffer for the opposing seasons.
The average temperature in Yacuma EcoLodge is of 73° f. with the warmest temperatures reaching 86°f and the coolest around 60°f.

Can you arrive to Yacuma by roads?

The gorgeous road that leads travellers from Quito to Yacuma, passes through various ecological areas including Paramo highlands, the Choco, and eventually the Rainforest. Eventually all travellers heading to Yacuma must leave their vehicle in our private Garage in Santa Rosa, and board a canoe that will take us on a 25 minute ride to Yacuma.

There is no direct road access to Yacuma EcoLodge and the Reserve.

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Do we need vaccinations or special medicine to get to Yacuma?

You do not need vaccinations to enter Ecuador or Yacuma EcoLodge. There have not been any reported cases of tropical diseases (Malaria, yellow fever, colera, etc) in or around the lodge. However, and due to changing nature of international regulations, we recommend that you consult your own country´s travel regulations and requirements before travelling to the Ecuadorian Jungle.

Can my children visit Yacuma EcoLodge?

Children are welcome in the Lodge and on the Reserve! in fact, Yacuma is like a children´s playground, where they can explore, swim, play and conenct with the jungle. We have recieved visitors as young as 4 months, and even groups of up to 15 children that enjoy Yaucma EcoLodge. Children under 6 years of age travel for free (additional beds available at an extra cost). Chidlren between 6 adn 12 years of age pay only 50% of the tour cost!

How are the bungalows?

We have 12 comfortable bungalows built using traditional indigenous styles with modern materials and construction techniques, creating a unique balance between tradition and modernity. Each bungalow has 2 rooms, for a total or 24 rooms in the lodge. Each room has private bathrooms a private porch, sliding glass doors, hot water and lighting provided by solar energy.
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What do we have to bring on our trip to Yacuma?

Remember to bring your identity document, light clothing, comfortable walking shoes and items to protect yourself from the weather.

Check out our full list of recommendations on what to bring with you to Yacuma.

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Yacuma Ecolodge Tourists eating

Special meal requests

All the food in the Lodge is local, contributing to the economy of the area. We offer vegetarian or vegan diets, and we take all precautions with restrictions of any kind. Your travel concierge will ask you for certain dietary information prior to your trip.

Food is our pride and we handle every order with great care and pleasure.


Electricity is provided by high efficiency solar panels and battery systems. If you wish to charge batteries, we offer a 110w charging station in social areas of the lodge Ecuador uses the standard two prong squared outlets. We recommend you bring adaptors or transformers if needed.

Solar pannels
Water boots


Rubber boots are the best way to move around in the jungle. They protect your feet, and allow easy movement through streams and hilss in the forest. Yacuma EcoLodge offers rubber boots as a courtesy to all our clients in a variety of sizes that will fit most of our guests.

Location of the LODGE

Yacuma is located in the province of Napo, and is part of the Chontapunta community. the exact coordinates are:
Latitud: 0.5026° Longitud: 76.3821°

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